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  • Global producer of industrial minerals derived from calcium carbonate and dolomite. Information about locations and products, mainly fillers and pigments for the paper,
  • Products for the Food, Drug and Cosmetic industries. Custom blending services, industry news, and company employment information.
  • Food and industrial chemicals including fertilizers, sulphur, lead nitrate, sodium citrate and potash. Product information, industry links, and information request form.
  • USA. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals for cleaning, fire fighting, lubrication, wet wipe production, and waste water and sewage treatment. Technical information on
  • Makes a variety of chemicals for use in fertilizer manufacturing, phosphate mining, and industrial minerals processing, most of which are custom formulated to fit
  • Specialty and custom chemical manufacturer whose products include polyurethanes and curatives, acrylic resins, styrene copolymers, organoborates, and nitrogen
  • Producer of adipic acid, castor oil, guar gum, menthol, camphor, and sulfolane in New Jersey. Also sources pigments and specialty chemicals from other manufacturers
  • Diversified chemicals manufacturer. Products include acrylic monomers and polymers, technical polymers and resins, agrichemicals, fluorochemicals, peroxides, and
  • UK. Group of sales and marketing companies, specialised in bulk and packaged chemicals for building and construction, water treatment, and industrial and consumer
  • Manufacturers of specialty monomers, polymers and performance chemicals: acrylates, methacrylates, maleates, allyl.
  • Manufacturer of laboratory and industrial solutions and chemicals. Biopharm serves a wide range of industries including water treatment, food processing, metal
  • Supplier of oligomers for energy curing applications. Specialist in acrylate and urethane chemistry.
  • Corporate Web Site for Baychem International, a manufacturer and distributor of customized chemical solutions.
  • Manufacturer and exporter of photo absorbers, chemical intermediates, and powder coatings.
  • Germany. Multi-national chemicals corporation. Manufactures fiber intermediates, nylon and melamine fibers for textile, nonwovens and industrial purposes.
  • Manufacturers of cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants and processing chemicals for meat, poultry and food plants and breweries. Also, dispensing equipment and technical
  • Specialists in a wide range of oil and chemical products meeting military specifications.
  • Chemical Industries of the Philippines is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial chemicals. The CIP subsidiaries and affiliates are also in general
  • Source and supply fine chemicals and ingredients worldwide.
  • Cognis France is an affiliate of the Cognis Group, suppliers of oleochemicals, agrochemicals, and other speciality chemicals.
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