Fine-Chemical Intermediates, Romania

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  • Producer of pharma and fine chemicals, and hair dyes in China. Products are primarily substituted aromatics, including derivatives of pyridine and resorcinol.
  • Producer of a range of organic intermediates, including ethers, esters, nitriles, ketones, and halogenated compounds. Located in Jiangsu Province, China.
  • Manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals in India, specializing in pivaloyl chloride and its precursors and derivatives.
  • Producer of fine chemicals and intermediaries. Includes an online order form.
  • Producer of organic intermediates for laboratories, medium-sized and bulk production.
  • Produces and sells various fine chemicals, which are based on Grignard reaction and organometallic chemistry.
  • Fine chemical manufacturer in China, producing pharmaceutical ingredients, hindered amine light stabilizers, and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and dye industries.
  • Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, also specializing in custom manufacture and process development services. Located in Texas.
  • Manufactures and supplies organic intermediates for the production of many compounds.
  • Manufacturer of fine chemicals including tribromoneopentyl alcohol, dibromoneopentyl glycol, and tris-2-hydroxyethyl isocyanurate.
  • Custom synthesis of intermediates, boronic acids, pyridines, fluoro and bromo aromatics.
  • Producer of Tetramethylbenzidine for the medical, research, and diagnostic markets worldwide.
  • Manufacturer in China of fluoro-aromatic compounds, including fluorobenzaldehydes, fluorobenzoic acids, fluorobenzyl chlorides, and fluorotoluene.
  • Manufacturer of fine-chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates in China. Products include tetrazoles and other heterocyclics, selenium and sulfur compounds, biphenyls
  • Producer of aminoguanidine derivatives for use as fine-chemical intermediates, located in China.
  • Specialized in the production and development of organic intermediates, plasticizers and disperse dyes.
  • Produces bis(trichlormethyl)carbonate, erucamide, tebuconazole, and other specialty chemicals.
  • Fine-chemical producer in China whose products include a series of plant growth regulators, a few bulk drugs, and a range of phenylboronic acid derivatives and other
  • Producer in China of hydroxybenzoic acid derivatives, for use as chemical intermediates and as food preservatives.
  • Specialized in the synthesis of a small but diverse range of dye, pesticide, and pharmaceutical intermediates, located in China.
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